Thursday, June 26, 2008

Actress Amrita rao, durga devotee!!

amritarao is a durga goddess devotee
Cute looking amrita rao, bollywood actress is a strong devotee of durga devi. when we go through her words,we understand how even some celebrities would be great devotees.
I don’t get the time to perform rituals regularly, but i completely believe in the presence of God. I fast once a month in the name of Goddess Durga. It is my way of thanking God for all the wonderful things He has given me.

At some point of time all of us feel the presence of Almighty. Still, we keep questioning His existence. Whenever things go bad, we come to a conclusion that there is no God. Troubles are His way of testing our belief. Just because things don’t work the way we want them to, we cannot put the blame on God. It is very important for each one of us to acknowledge the Divine Power in every good or bad situation.

I am constantly reminded of His presence. I can recollect one incident when i felt it the most. Some years ago, i was taking a flight to Mumbai from Delhi, but at the last moment all the flights got cancelled because of the floods in Mumbai. I decided to visit Agra and Vrindavan instead.

That trip was my first ever darshan of Lord Krishna. And when i came back to Mumbai, i got an offer to work in Vivah. Coincidentally, the movie was shot in Vrindavan and i played a Krishna bhakt in it. It was totally uncanny and i realised that was God’s way of telling me that He is there for me.

Some people pray only when they see a temple or only on Tuesdays. I believe in having a constant relationship with God. I strike a conversation with Him every now and then. He gives me the strength to move ahead and face challenges.
We are so engrossed in our own lives that we forget that whatever is happening is because of some supernatural power. If you acknowledge that power, you will get the solution to all your problems.

I know that the world is very competitive. But i don’t believe in achieving something at the cost of letting someone down. Also, i have never compromised on my values and self-respect . I have been lucky to get offers without making too much effort, but even otherwise i would have never done anything that goes against my conscience.



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