Monday, December 17, 2007

Durga Puja In North India

In North India people worship her for ten days of navratri. Fasting is the norm and the survival for these days of fasting is only on fruits or milk. They grow wheat or barley in earthen pots at home and they believe that if the growth in this pot is good, there is a prosperity all year. The Puja or Aarti is conducted each morning and in the evening. After eighth days of fasting devotees carry out kanjak pujan or worship little girls who spell the Shakti of the Mother Goddess. Again the importance laid out to Sacred Feminine is not lost out. And in the evening of the last day of pujan they put earthen pots of barley or wheat in the river or ponds in the holy Hindu tradition of though that all is borne of earth and shall assimmilate into earth, that is, their offerings through the route of rivers and canals will meet the sea or get assimmilated into earth.
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