Saturday, December 08, 2007


The Great Goddess is said to be exquisitely beautiful. The Old Hindu Literature descibes her as the One having bright and beautiful eyes,ten powerful hands and curly hair.Her attire is shiny oceanic blue emitting fierce rays. Her ornaments were carved exquisitively out of pure gold, with ocean pearls and precious stones embedded in it. The literatures descibe her as an embodiment of the great creative work of various gods. Her fierce face showing blood red tongue was sculpted by Shiva, torso by Indra, breasts by Chandra (the moon), teeth by Brahma, bottom by the Earth, thighs and knees by Varuna (water), and her three eyes by Agni (fire). In Her quest to kill the demon, she was provided with weapons by various gods. She holds Rudra's trident, Vishnu's Chakra (discus), Indra's thunderbolt, Brahma's kamandal, Kuber's gada, etc.

Himalayas gifted her a fierce whitish golden lion. One day twin demons Chanda and Munda, cronies of Mahishasur, came to fight with the goddess. On the sight of these demons, the goddess she turned blue with anger and was known as goddess Chamunda. She opened her third eye, a gift from Agni. Her form was the most powerful one and awe inspiring with three blood shot red eyes, blood-filled tongue and dark blue skin. She finally smote the twin demns with her sword. Due to her battle with Chanda Munda, the gods priased her as Chandi and Kali. So she was known to the lesser mortals as names od Chandi & Kali, The Demon Destroyer.

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