Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To worship Narayana or Durga?

This is a question. To worship the vishnu or the father of universe or to worship Mother God? whom to worship? what is the difference? Is there any difference in these two? First of all are they two separate entities? let us look at this. The first truth is that only one super God is there in this world and he alone is every thing. So there are no two things. But the super god has two forms manifested. One is pure bliss or being ness and the second is materialistic and energy form. Since material or energy is derived from the pure conciousness or bliss or love form of super god, this materialistic manifestation is refered as the consort or wife of the Lord God with an assumption that wife depends on husband .Material becomes energy and energy materialises controlled perhaps by einstein formula e=mc2(square);

Now we are all children of this God. children , some love their father some their mother. If you love your father for your own reasons, you better worship Him as your father because you know what a father is to you. Otherwise, if you love your mother more and you want yourself to be helped and pampered like your mother did, you would worship in mother form . Goddess durga , kali etc are mother forms.

Now if we go a little more, father thinks and acts with his intellegence than his heart while mother uses more of her heart and feelings than intellegence and logic. So, mother treatment is different from father.

when you worship God as father, be ready to receive his choice of blessings like liberation or mukti than materialistic blessings while mother goddess provides more of materialistic blessings and energy to achieve your goals. However, mother gets anger quickly and kicks you quickly though she loves and fondles you later. So, sakthi worshippers or mother goddess worshippers should be ready to face the anger of mother when they did some other way than expected by mother.

so this is the difference between father god and mother god.



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